Training / Documentation

Ambiguous, outdated or vague documentation renders your business vulnerable to great risks that can dramatically affect the success of your deployment efforts. Both the creation and maintenance of documentation demands consistency and attention to detail, and should not be minimized by overlooking its overall contribution to the success of a project. Oracular’s methodology assists in providing guidance throughout the project life. Our experts can provide proper documentation services support to ensure no details are overlooked. From Requirements Definition to Training Documentation, our team is highly experienced in a broad range of applications and can easily develop documents timely.

Oracular can assist you in identifying where gaps mays exist in your technical infrastructure and will help identify the resources you require to successfully achieve your project goals. We will align your business strategies with your technological strategies in order to help you be able to successfully execute a project.

A training development program is also carried out by an expert with a good understanding of the application that has been selected. Thorough training material is created to ensure that all supervisors and end-users are properly trained. Tailored instructions are also provided, specific for each group of trainees, which is updated accordingly after every session. Finally, we ensure the quality of your training program by developing certification processes to measure the level of trainee understanding and proficiency.