There are three types of RedPrairie Support that we provide at Oracular:

Base Support

This covers all operations of a warehouse relation to RedPrairie WMS. We offer the 2nd line of support and maintain operational knowledge of warehouse operations in order to reduce time. We ensure continuous operation, which may require database updates and operational guidelines. As soon as the operations are restored to normal, our team works on providing a long-term fix that can be rolled in through normal change management process.
All activity carried out in Production is completed under client supervision or most preferably by the client.
Regular maintenance, including patch updates, is included in this support.

Budgeted Hours

This option can be utilized when clients need to budget their yearly spend. It allows an option for normalized rates across different types of resources. The client can buy hours in monthly buckets which are then utilized for the following WMS related activity:

  • Functional
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Installation

This option, combined with Base Support, allows customers to retain WMS operational knowledge with Oracular in order to consume less time.

Maintenance or Planned Activities

Clients often have specific maintenance needs that need to be offloaded to the support organization and are then added to the Base Support:

  • Yearly audits
  • Yearly DR validation
  • Monthly reporting on KPI
  • Archiving and related validation
  • DBA related activity for WMS database