Business has changed. It has become more global, dynamic, and competitive. Markets are more challenging, and growth is harder to come by. Furthermore, companies must cope with complex supply lines, constantly evolving distribution channels, and multiple manufacturing and distribution sites. Due to this, your decision of implementing RedPrairie is a critical one, which Oracular will help you execute to produce successful results.

We have the required knowledge, experience and expertise in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) after working with a wide range of customers. We can help you reduce cost as well as solve any problems related to configuration, integration and performance.

In the first phase, we plan and design the future state solution. We will identify and establish a framework so that all the requirements of the project are clearly established. After that, the following steps are carried out:

  • Creation of project charter and project plan
  • Review of integration requirements
  • Identification of issues and creation of solutions to address them
  • Identification of any customization requirements and associated impacts on time and cost 
  • Evaluation of current state requirements; design and prototype future state processes
  • Set up of operating infrastructure

In the second phase, we implement the future state across all solution components. This is the phase of the implementation process when all the steps necessary to deliver the functionality you require are completed. Key elements include:

  • Set up and configuration of the application
  • Development of enhancements, customization, conversion programs and reports to complete the solution
  • Development of the system integration
  • Preparation of the training program, system test scripts and go-live process documentation
  • Testing of the final product

Next, we transfer responsibilities to the business user and prepare the initial facility. Key steps in this phase include:

  • Final system and integration testing
  • User training
  • Preparation of go-live environment
  • Preparation of mock go-live and contingency plans
  • System go-live
  • Go-live Support

In the final phase, we measure the results and identify steps to optimize the solution by carrying out the following steps:

  • Review of project completion
  • Listing any outstanding activities
  • Creation of a plan for passing deliverables to client
  • Planning the handover of project documentation
  • Release projects resources
  • Communication of the closure of the project and outlining project accomplishments
  • Provision of a final project accounting